Sea Faring Heritage Tours at Giant's Causeway

Coastal tours and tales of lost treasure

Visitors to Giant’s Causeway over the August bank holiday weekend are invited to continue a local sea faring heritage tradition. The National Trust with Sea Treks Ireland will be running boat tours of the Giant’s Causeway Coast out of Portballintrae harbour on the hour between 11.00 am – 6.00 pm on August 27, 28, 29 2005.
A fascinating heritage tradition of ‘around the Causeway in boats’ emerges from the mists of history with the Vikings beaching their longboats in Portnaboe; the Bishop of Derry being one of the first Europeans to publish a record of the strange phenomenon of the Causeway Stones in 1693; and William Thackeray, who had a rough boat ride to the Stones in 1842, describing them as a ‘remnant of chaos’. 
Tourists during the Victorian era were thrilled on boat excursions provided by local fishermen into Portcoon Cave , when the deafening echo of a discharged shotgun would produce that adrenalin charged quiver of excitement.
Over the August bank holiday weekend, visitors can take a 40 minute trip onboard the Sea Treks Rib boat. The trip covers the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage site and surrounding coast, with an entertaining National Trust guide providing spice with stories of cataclysmic upheavals of the earth, mythical giants, history and romance of shipwrecks and Spanish treasure, lost and found.
The National Trust hopes that such tours will provide inspiration and enrichment and a greater understanding and appreciation of our North Antrim Coastal heritage.
Capacity on each tour is limited to eleven and pre-booking is recommended. Tickets are £15 individual, £45 family and £12 National Trust members – due to limited seat numbers there is no child concession. To pre-book a seat telephone +44 (0)28 2073 1582.