Video: Modern History Exhibition at Ulster Museum

Take a virtual tour as a new exhibit opens telling the story of Ulster from 1500 to 1968

Modern History is a new permanent exhibition in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, which traces the often turbulent history of Ulster from 1500 to 1968.

The exhibition utilises the museum's vast archive of historical artifacts, and includes a surcoat worn by Sir Arthur Chicester – a founding father of Belfast – and a mechanical arm created in the city during the First World War, among many other things.

The exhibition is an updated version of the museum's former Modern History exhibit, and is set out over five chronological time periods themed as 'Birth of a Modern Era', 'Between Two Revolutions', 'Industrial Giant and the Shadow of Poverty', 'Home Rule to Partition' and 'Living on a Divided Island'.

It was created after an extensive visitor evaluation process and in close collaboration with the history department at Queen's University. In the video above, Hannah Crowdy, interpretations manager for National Museums Northern Ireland, gives a virtual tour of the exhibition's interactive displays.

In the podcast above, William Blair, NMNI head of human history, discusses how Modern History provides those interested in the Decade of Centenaries – a series of commemorations marking the 100-year anniversaries of significant events in Irish history which took place between 1912 to 1922, such as the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme – with lots of interesting source material.

Modern History runs indefinitely at the Ulster Museum. Visit the Ulster Museum website for information on related events. More information on the Decade of Centenaries can be found at