Belfast Through Writers' Eyes

Literary Belfast? There's an app for that

There are few better ways to get to know a city than through its writers, whether they are locals who appreciate every nuance of the complex city, or visiting scribes, writing of how Belfast assaults the senses of those who meet it for the first time.

Literary Belfast will assist you as you journey through the literary city and the many shades of our history, taking you from the splendour of City Hall or the lives commemorated in Writer’s Square to back alleys and quiet suburban streets across the city where the finest of our writers lived, walked and worked, and continue to live, walk and work.

Your video guides for Belfast Through Writers' Eyes are Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Paul Muldoon, Marie Jones, Patricia Craig, Glenn Patterson, Martin Lynch, David Park, Frank Ormsby, Sinead Morrissey, Leontia Flynn, Owen McCafferty, Bernard MacLaverty and Ciaran Carson. Journey with them as they take you to their favourite locations in Belfast, share their stories and read from their work.

Also included is a section for News/Events keeping you up to date with a multitude of readings and festivals, Tour info for a range of literary trails, the Poets & Writers Exhibition and selected reading for you to enjoy.

Journey with them as you view Belfast through writer’s eyes. Visit a selection of locations around the centre of Belfast that have literary relevance, where Northern Irish writers share stories, anecdotes and readings to accompany you on the journey.

'The city rises and falls like music, like breathing… Belfast is Rome with more hills: it is Atlantis raised from the sea. And from anywhere you stand, from anywhere you look, the streets glitter like jewels, like small strings of stars... However many, whatever size, it is magical.' Robert McLiam Wilson, Eureka Street (Secker & Warburg, 1996) Reprinted by permission of The Random House Group Ltd.

Download the Literary Belfast App or you could take one of the Belfast City Council Literary tours.