Leontia Flynn

Co Down poet mixing the personal and universal

Leontia Flynn was born in Co Down in 1974, and recently completed a Ph.D. at QUB on the work of Medbh McGuckian.

In 2001 she won an Eric Gregory Award. Her first collection, These Days (2004), won the Forward Poetry Prize (Best Collection of the Year) in 2004. In the same year, she was named as one of the Poetry Book Society's 'Next Generation' poets.

Flynn writes with both wry wit and tenderness about love, language, everyday events, life in Northern Ireland and the literary tradition. They appear simple constructions but underneath the apparent simplicity hide complex rhythms and subtle harmonies.

Her poetry imbues mundane images with grand significance, so a cigarette burn hole in a jumper may become the dying ember of a private revolution, or a single school book represents an entire teenage summer.

She also incorporates conversational and complex syntax into her poetry, laced with reinvigorated clichés and suggestive ambiguities.

She is based in Belfast where she is a working on her second collection. She has contributed essays and articles to publications such as The Vacuum.