Michael Foley

Renowned Poet and Insomniac

Michael Foley was born Derry in 1947. He was educated at St Columb’s College, completed a chemistry degree at Queens University Belfast and later went into research in computer science. Encouraged by James Simmons, Foley published his first poetry collection Heil Hitler in 1969.

He went on to succeed Simmons as joint-editor of the Honest Ulsterman with Frank Ormsby from 1969-72. Further poetry collections include The Acne and the Ecstasy (1973), Through the Gateless Gate (1976), True Life Love Stories (1976), The Irish Frog, Versions of Laforgue (1978), The GO Situation (1982) and Insomnia in the Afternoon (1994).

Fiction by the writer includes The Passion of Jamesie Coyle (1984) a novel which imagines Christ incarnated in Northern Ireland, serialised in Fortnight, The Road to Notown (1996), Getting Used To Not Being Remarkable (1998) and Beyond (2002).