One City One Book: Belfast's Historic Public Houses

Author and historian Gary Law hosts a pub quiz at the Grove Library in Belfast

One City One Book, the UK-wide community reading initiative that aims to get as many people in one city as possible reading the same book, is enjoying its first visit to Belfast during May 2012.

Belfast author Glenn Patterson's new novel, The Mill for Grinding Old People Young, is the focus of One City One Book Belfast. A series of talks, tours, lectures and readings have been aiding readers to understand the book further.

Taking place in libraries across the city, these events have been scheduled to complement the novel itself, shedding light on issues, themes, people and places explored by Patterson. Patterson is also giving two tours of inner Belfast and the streets mentioned in his book as part of One City One Book.

The Mill for Grinding Old People Young was named after a much-loved watering hole in 19th century Belfast, and follows hero Gilbert Rice as he journeys from childhood to adulthood.

As part of One City One Book, author and historian Gary Law gave a lecture at the Grove Library entitled Belfast's Historic Public Houses, exploring the many pubs mentioned in The Mill for Grinding Old People Young.

Rather than sticking to a script, Law chose to enlighten those interested in the subject by holding an informal 'pub quiz' style Q&A, posing questions related to the book and providing informed answers. Listen to the entire podcast recording above and watch Patterson read from The Mill for Grinding Old People Young below.

One City One Book runs throughout May 2012. Check out the full programme of events below. Find out more at or @ArtsCouncilNI.