One City One Book at QFT

Author Lucy Caldwell curates a week of screenings at Queen's Film Theatre that explore the connection between film and literature

Queen's Film Theatre, Northern Ireland’s leading independent cinema, has released its programme for May 2013, which features a week of films curated Belfast author, Lucy Caldwell, as part of Arts Council Northern Ireland’s One City One Book Belfast reading initiative.

One City One Book Belfast is an ACNI initiative to develop the art of reading and to promote Belfast’s rich creativity, and runs throughout May 2013, featuring talks, readings, performances and book clubs in venues across the city. View the full programme events. This year it is focussed on Caldwell's new novel, All the Beggars Riding.

'I am incredibly excited to present my selection of films chosen,' said Caldwell of her forthcoming QFT series. 'The heartbreaking documentary that launches the series, My Architect, was one of my inspirations and greatest influences for All the Beggars Riding. The other films are variously related to the book by theme, subject matter or place, but most of all they’re films I love. I hope they intrigue, disturb, entrance, and entertain.'

Susan Picken, Head of QFT, sees the important link between literature and film. 'So many of the classic texts have been adapted for the big screen. It is also interesting to look at the flip side and see how film can influence writers. Working with One City One Book gives us the chance to get inside the mind of an author to see what films inspire their writing.'

Caldwell's selection includes the Academy Award-nominated My Architect: A Son’s Journey (May 24), Barton Fink by the Coen Brothers (May 25), a 1955 adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel The End of the Affair (May 26), and the thought-provoking Volver (May 27) by Pedro Almodovar and starring Penélope Cruz.

One of the finest films ever made about the Troubles, Cal, based on the novel by Northern Irish author, Bernard MacLaverty will also feature (May 28), as will The War Game (May 29), one of television’s most notorious banned programmes, and finally Sideways (May 30), the superb portrayal of middle aged disappointment, regret and friendship starring Paul Giamatti as a failed writer with a passion for wine.

For further information on the One City One Book Belfast screenings at Queen's Film Theatre, visit the QFT website.