One City One Book Tour

Author Glenn Patterson visits some of the Belfast locations mentioned in his book The Mill for Grinding Old People Young

One City One Book continues apace this May, and there has been little time for Belfast author Glenn Patterson to catch his breath between promoting his new novel, The Mill for Grinding Old People Young, and talking about it at book groups and libraries across the city as part of the UK-wide community reading project.

A programme of readings, lectures, film screenings and tours have encouraged Belfast residents to learn more about the 19th century city explored in The Mill for Grinding Old People Young. And on May 17 and 22, Patterson led a group of literary enthusiasts on a free tour of inner city Belfast, visiting some of the historic buildings and streets mentioned in the book.

'What I'm doing is trying to find, in Belfast 2012, is as many traces as I possibly can of Belfast 1831,' says Patterson, that being the year The Mill for Grinding Old People Young is set.

Patterson begins the tour in Rosemary Street, at the end of Wine Cellar Entry, and finishes on Waring Street, where a certain character in the novel began her career as a publican.

For those who have read The Mill for Grinding Old People Young, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland are currently running a book review competition as part of One City One Book. The review should be no more than 250 words in length, and submitted by 4pm on Friday, May 25. The winner will receive a £50 Waterstones voucher. Visit Facebook for more information.