Patricia Craig

Editor, anthologist and biographer of Brian Moore

Patricia Craig was born and educated in Belfast. She is a freelance critic and reviewer, has edited several anthologies and has also written a biography of Belfast novelist Brian Moore.

In 1992, Craig edited The Rattle of The North: An Anthology of Ulster Prose (1992). This anthology presents a picture of a vibrant society through the words of writers as diverse as William Carleton, CS Lewis and Seamus Heaney.

In The Oxford Book of Ireland (1998) Craig compiled a fascinating literary anthology of the cultural and social development of Ireland through the work of poets, novelists, historians and commentators. It covers such topics as the Famine, emigration, the decline of the language, and the beginning of the Troubles. The book paints a portrait of a troubled but culturally impressive island.

Craig focused her attention on Ulster’s capital city with The Belfast Anthology (1999), collecting poetry, fiction and travellers' impressions from a wide range of authors spanning over 300 years of history. The end result is a rich, detailed literary exploration of the city.

In her biography of Brian Moore, Craig explored the life of one of Northern Ireland’s most talented and prolific novelists. She takes us from his early days growing up in west Belfast, his work as a gifted journalist (where he once interviewed Mae West), to his first books and his self-imposed exile from Ireland to life across the Atlantic.

Brian Moore: A Biography (1992) reminds us of the one of the greatest writers to come out of this part of the world and it is an example of Craig’s contribution to our appreciation of literary culture.

Along with her anthologies on Irish literature from both sides of the border, Craig has turned her eye to other projects such as The Oxford Book of Modern Women's Stories (1994), The Oxford Book of Schooldays (1995), and The Oxford Book of Detective Stories (2000).