Video: Vincent Dargan's 'The Falls'

Watch video as the writer and photographer discusses his new visual history published by Blackstaff Press

Vincent Dargan is a street photographer from the Lower Wack area of the Falls Road in west Belfast – a man with an eye for an image, a knack for a soundbite and a lifelong love of his native city.

His new book, The Falls: The People, the Community, the Memories, is out now, published by Blackstaff Press. In it, Dargan reveals some of the hundreds of photographs he took in and around the place of his birth. Born on Slate Street in 1943, he has an intimate knowledge of what he lovingly describes as 'the Village'.

In the video above, Dargan recalls how he fell in love with photography at an early age – turning professional with the Ulster Tatler and other well-known Belfast publications after a brief career as a telephone engineer – and how publishing The Falls was a 'dream come true'.

For anyone from the area, The Falls is a vital window into the past, featuring images of many recognisable personalities, buildings and landmarks in a time before the Troubes ravaged the area and separated Catholic from Protestant, neighbourhood from neighbourhood, friend from friend.

'It was a different time altogether,' says Dargan, who made his name as a popular musician in the 1960s along with his brothers in the renowned showband The Sheriffs. 'A different generation. Back then the Lower Wack was Dickensian, a hard place to grow up in, but a place that I love, and that many still do.'

The Falls: the People, the Community, the Memories is out now published by Blackstaff Press.