Bandwidth Presents: Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Calgary's finest join Mississippian William Elliott Whitmore for a special performance from this year's Open House Festival

In the dying days of summer, Belfast uncorked the last of that wine bottle and got down and dirty for the annual Open House Festival, a glut of blues so rootsy you’d need a shovel to dig it out.

Five days of chilli and banjos took its toll, but not before Bandwidth got a chance to crawl backstage and down Jameson with Calgary’s finest The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir where we also found, skulking away in a corner, a true dixie Mississippian William Elliott Whitmore.

The rest of it is all a little bit hazy. Fortunately I’d hit the record button at some point. I believe someone suggested the acoustics would sound best inside a tiny plastic shower cubicle. Maybe it's the effect of having been on tour for three months. Either way, it was later concluded to be 'second best thing that’s ever been done in a bathroom', and that's the way it'll stay forever.

God damn it. After reaching the conclusion that stomping bluegrass is a state of mind, best appreciated by the enlightened, it was inevitable that the music would spill out onto the street. Where the punters were still drinking. Getting into taxis. Walking past on their way home. They were all innocent victims. Because music just cannot be stopped.

We the kind and civilised people of Bandwidth sneaked away some time after 1am, with the solemn promise to the Open House Festival that we would assure their act get a taxi back to the hotel. It's not yet known what the bar bill was at the end of the night. Or if the band ever made it to Newcastle the next day. But there were about 20 people there who got the second best Agnostic Gospel Choir gig of their lives, and that way it shall stay forever.

At least until next time they’re here...

Will McConnell

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