Bandwidth Presents: Chris Campbell

Great live footage of the best in NI bands playing some unusual places

Today we’re proud to bring you an In Stores session with a great new emerging talent, Chris Campbell. We first heard about Chris through photographer and And So I Watch You tour manager Graham Smith and were blown away by the early demos.

This session, recorded shortly before Chris went into the studio with his band Paper Boats, constitutes the first 'proper' recording session he had been in and is the first (as far as we can tell) time he’s ever played music to video.

So it’s quite an honour. For this this one, as with previous sessions, we’re trying out something new, or a new direction at least: making the In Stores sessions into proper little gigs, getting people involved, inviting fans down. We’re proud to report it went very well this time – and thank you to everyone who showed up and stuck around in the rain. Speaking of which, Chris knew a very picturesque place to shelter:

From here we half had the idea to jump a train up to Belfast and play some more there – but happy as we were for shelter, we stuck about Helen’s Bay train station, on the platform. Then we found a picturesque little driveway opposite the station entrance – there was no one in to seek permission from, but we guessed that they would have said yes if asked. The neighbours seemed friendly enough anyway.

Chris has an amazing variation of songs, and is as impressive as a solo artist as he is with his band. Feeling slightly guilty for asking 15-20 guests to hang around for a few hours in the rain without feeding them, we let everyone go, and caught an extra 10 minutes with Chris. As I’ve said before, this is usually when the best stuff comes out – we found a nearby field – the rain held off for just long enough – and it was magic. This guy’s one to watch. Watch out for his EP and a tour in the next few months.

Camera/Edit: Will McConnell Filmed in Crawfordsburn Co. Down, March 2011 Tracks (Part one) 1. The Inability To.. 2. Distance Broke Me Down 3. Lovin’s For Fools (Bon Iver) (Part two) 4. Impressions 5. The Final Farewell (Part three) 6. Let Me Rest 7. Her

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