Bandwidth Presents: Colenso Parade

Watch the four-piece send Will McConnell in a spin, from 200 feet up

We’ve been planning this one for a while.

I first filmed with Colenso Parade at a very raucous Glasgowbury Festival; crammed into the back of my van (long story) and chock-full of brown wine, the lads took the whole thing surprisingly well. Have a look at the car-nage (err sorry), which features three other bands on the Vandwidth Sessions.

So how could we top that? Well, there’s a very special location in Belfast that I was saving for just such an occasion.

Oh and by the way – watch the video through to the end for a little surprise. Sometimes these little magic moments happen – and this really is magic. The band were on a high, they’d been strumming this little Everly Brothers ditty all day – and then they found their audience, two unsuspecting citizens just trying to walk through the grounds of the city hall.

And so it was, a case of hello darlin’, goodbye loneliness...

Check out Colenso Parade's MySpace and you can catch the band playing at Lavery's, Belfast on 11 April and at Volume Control all-ages gig at Oh Yeah Centre on April 16. The Belfast Wheel is due to close on Sunday 11 April at 6pm. For more details and bookings, see

Will McConnell

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