Bandwidth Presents: Colly Strings

Great live footage of the best in NI bands playing some unusual places

In Stores has been running in Belfast for a few years now (*gulp!*) and thus far we’ve been sparing on the traditional city landmarks, with a few notable exceptions. So for the first session of 2011 we wanted to pre-empt all that and just notch down two landmarks on the trot: Victoria Square and former fancy hat-shop turned hat-laden pub, Muriels.

The band in store is Colly Strings – and if you like what you hear you can see them playing the Mandela Hall Thursday 27th January with A Plastic Rose and The Good Fight as part of the final in the series of ‘You Are’ gigs – and if you manage to miss that you can also see them supporting Feeder at The Spring & Airbrake on 4th February.

Sit back, enjoy!




Camera/Edit: Will McConnell
Filmed in Belfast, January 2011

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