Bandwidth Presents: Farriers

If you go into the woods today, you'll find a folk band with Will McConnell

It was a cold day when we arranged to meet up with Farriers. Bitterly cold. That didn’t stop us. Stephen McCartney and I got started early in Cutters Wharf, a few 'Guinnii' to warm the cockles and get everyone in a singing mood, as a boat race glided by. The sun broke the clouds, and the first hint of summer was in the air, even though it was still only february. These are good times.

The rest of the guys arrived in dribs and drabs – and we ran an hour late, two hours late – and well, maybe I lied when I told the band the location was only 20 minutes away. Yet by happy accident, when we arrived in the heart of lagan valley park, the sun was setting between the trees, and all was good.

Click on the video below to watch Farriers 'San Remo' and 'A Final Harvest'.

Sometimes a location just speaks to you, telling you to hang around, explore, play around. This otherworldly woodland area, about a half hour from Belfast city centre, the city’s best known secret in fact, has a magical draw.

We spent another hour, chasing the sun, in a meadow that seemed to roll on forever, hiding under trees, trying that walking/playing/chewing gum thing. This was a beautiful day, even though we couldn’t feel our fingers in the end.

It was February, after all.

Click on video below to hear Farriers 'Mission Hall' and 'The Last Long Evening'.

Farriers support La Faro at the Menagerie, Belfast on April 28. Check out the band's MySpace here.

Camera by Will McConnell
Sound by Sean Duncan

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