Bandwidth Presents: Feet For Wings

Live video session filmed at the fairground, with Will McConnell

When Feet For Wings first contacted me a few months ago through the website to ask about filming an In Stores Now session, my attention was caught immediately. The band’s MySpace page has a few sample demos that I ended up listening through again and again and again – each time cranking up the volume and leaning in closer and closer, straining to hear more of this tiny sound emanating from the computer.

The band aren’t necessarily just quiet – even though they’re as shy and retiring as four early-era Michael Stipes – but the sound they create is, in one word, delicate.

It must be obvious by now that I’m totally intrigued by this band, and shall be watching their progress closely. I, as ever, urge you to give them a listen and a look.

I had the feeling listening to those demos of a still moment in the middle of a hurricane – of a whole world swirling round these intelligent wee guys, and their reaction being very… quiet. That, and the fairground was in town.

Camera/Edit: Will McConnell
Filmed in Belfast, November 2010

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