Bandwidth Presents: The Frigates

Belfast/Dublin combo perform at Oh Yeah's Record Fair, a fishing tackle shop and a Cathedral Quarter pet store

The Frigates were first brought to my bright attention by the enthusiasm of one Steven Rainey. Inspired by a love of Pavement and all things lo-fi, the flame haired reporter shared his findings with us late last year in this article for Bandwidth.

This is In Stores Now, after all – so we were in luck on a busy Saturday in Belfast to find three accommodating stores – firstly the record fair at Bandwidth’s alma mater, the Oh Yeah Music Centre. Then to two distinctly... nautically themed locales. Let’s see if you can spot the irony of it all.

Since then things have moved apace. The band got in touch to arrange a session – I love everything about them – and before you could say 10 Downing Street a partnership was made.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Check out more from The Frigates on their MySpace.

Will McConnell

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