Bandwidth Presents: Jackson Cage

From a ukelele jam in the kitchen to a rousing session in the street, Bandwidth Films captures the folk act in their element

It was during that lovely in pre-Christmas week, I was invited over to Jackson Cage’s house to hear some of their new tunes – including their first ever single, 'Help Me Mama'.

Sometimes this happens – after the camera comes out, and you do a few warm up tunes, you get some bands who just can’t shut up – they’ll keep playing, because that’s what they would have been doing before you turned up with a camera anyway.

So it is with Jackson Cage. They really just love music so much, and good for us, because they are really that good – one song became two, or three and four. The moment you’re about to see with the ukelele in the kitchen (playing appropriately enough, 'A Hard Night In The Kitchen', mmm…) was as spontaneous and unrehearsed as it looks.

Then it was back into the warm, for more tea and some heart-warming tunes. Needless to say, this is only a highlight – when I left later that afternoon, they were still playing Fairport Convention covers...

Jackson Cage supports Fairport Convention at the Black Box on March 9. Check out their Myspace. Their debut single 'Help Me Mama' is out now on iTunes.

Will McConnell.

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