Bandwidth Presents: Lisa Hannigan

Mercury prize-nominated chanteuse sings a few ditties for Bandwidth Films

'Hello, I am a singer. I often hum away without realising it until I get funny looks on Camden Street.'

It’s that simple sometimes. No one expected Lisa Hannigan would make the impression she has – probably least of all herself – where’s the floppy hat? The blue-rimmed sunglasses? The post-rock? The new wave? The gimmick? It is still (sometimes) just about humming a catchy tune and that’s all.

The fact that she used to sing with Damien Rice and all that stuff has been well documented. All you need to worry about is that Lisa’s first solo album, Sea Sew, was nominated for the ever so prestigious Mercury prize – should have won it we say - and it's an absolute gem.

Lisa was playing with The Swell Season for their Ireland warm-up dates – and we caught up with her in Derry – in a weird pixie world that we later found out is actually called 'Derry Craft Village'.

And so on a slightly damp Derry afternoon, a handful of German and Canadian tourists were privy to the smallest Lisa Hannigan gig on the current tour – with a 'Thank you Derry!' on cue at the end.

Lady Hannigan is off on a USA tour, so if you’re lucky enough to live there watch out for her humming in the main street of a city near you.

Will McConnell

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