Bandwidth Presents: Polar Beyond

Meet the band going up in the world, with Will McConnell

Polar Beyond take to the rooftops this week.

Their track “Suns” is one of the loveliest things I’ve heard for a long time – it’s nearly anthemic – and they have the making of an anthem in them. All they need is a little push – so we gave it to them.

So where else is better to take the band than the roof of Belfast’s most famous building – the totemic Europa Hotel – still standing after all that nasty violence. And here Polar Beyond came alive. Standing on that rooftop overlooking the wee city turn to twilight, I all of a sudden came over all emotional.

The mood was hardly even ruined by the small point that we had to all sign death wavers before being allowed up there.

Polar Beyond play The Pavilion bar alongside Like Statues and B.O.Y. on 10 August, 2010.

Will McConnell

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