Bandwidth Presents: Strait Laces

Will McConnell captures an acoustic session that leaves its own mark on a tattoo parlour

Strait Laces are simply one of the best bands in all of Ireland at the moment, I just can’t put it better than that. So what better way to mark St Paddy’s day than bring you this Bandwidth session filmed in February.

Just as they were preparing for a trip over to Austin, Texas and the SXSW showcase, the band rocked into the upstairs of a tattoo parlour in Belfast city centre.

Dave had warned me the previous day that he had the lurgee and his voice was about to give any moment. So what we get in return is something like a blues version of ‘Where The Wolf Roam’ – stripped down, bare bones, just like Bandwidth likes it – and when you do it like Strait Laces do it, who needs a second take?

Strait Laces - 'Where The Wolf Roam'

Strait Laces played last week at the Belfast Rocks Showcase at Latitude 30 in Austin, Texas. They’ll hang around SXSW for the remainder of the week, and return to Northern Ireland with a IMRO showcase at The Limelight on March 25 and Gifted at The Empire, Belfast on April 1. Check out for free mp3 downloads.

Will McConnell

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