Bandwidth Presents: The Veronas

The Omagh band take on Belfast for a day, playing two live sessions

We’ve had a couple of great high profile acts on Bandwidth of late – but its good to remember that the bread and butter of the Bandwidth website is new Irish music – and in that spirit we’re very proud to bring you a session with young pups The Veronas from Omagh.

They drove down to Belfast all the way from Omagh on a sunny day during the summer in search of a piano to try out two of their new tracks. The Black Box dutifully obliged (as well as keeping us well supplied with caffeine and sugar) – but the tuning was a bit off (we had been politely warned). So, we went for a walk. That, as anyone who has ever seen any In Stores Now episode will tell you, is when it really gets interesting.

                          The Veronas - 'Head Rush'

                         The Veronas - 'Hollywood'

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