Bandwidth Presents: Willowstone 2010

Six video sessions at Willowstone Festival, Killyleagh with Will McConnell

Summer rolls on and Bandwidth continues to bring you the best of the festivals from around Northern Ireland. A fortnight ago we brought you our view of the Glasgowbury Festival in the Sperrin Mountains – today, the van rolls up in picturesque South Down.

Once upon a time, it was the Innishfree festival, it was run by a small group of enthusiastic music fans – and it was like nothing else. Then in 2009, the feat was repeated, and this time it had moved to a walled garden in Delamont Country Park. Willowstone Festival was born, and it was a good thing.

Twenty or so musicians, art installations, decent food, families running around unembarrassed – not a Diageo banner in sight – Willowstone is an original independent boutique festival run by those who care about festivals – set in the most beautiful place in Ireland. Its a sight to behold. And here’s the highlights.

Colenso Parade kick off the proceedings – lowering the tone as always. Last time we met up was on top of Belfast’s iconic big wheel structure – this time we went for a something a little more sedate.

Scorpion Jack are self styled Pirate Folk musicians. They’re currently making waves, splicing manbraces and pillaging our ears. Hoist the flag.

John Shelly & The Creatures are old favourites to the Bandwidth stable – they never disappoint. In our search for venues in and around the park, we found a disparate group of fans, put outside for bad behaviour. We thought it was only right to stage a benefit gig, and promptly attempted to sneak them back in. Only fair. 

Here representing the Republic of Ireland, Wicklow’s own Bocs Social finally brought a bit of class to the proceedings. Coming hotly recommended as they do, even when a particularly angsty security guard insisted on barging past us to boil a kettle for his tea, we just knew they couldn’t stop the bop.

Bored? Nothing on TV? Thank Stoke Newington International Airport for inspiration on this one. Willowstone 2010 was somewhat of a Bandwidth-extended-family affair all of a sudden when Katie & The Carnival turned up – but this incarnation of the group is nearly totally different from previous versions (apart from 2 core members) – expect new tunes, news instruments, 250% more puppets and an album in the cming months. Bandwidth is very pleased.

Oh yes and you might of heard of this lot, they’re called Cashier No.9 and everyone thinks they’re just great. Thanks then go to Pony Dance Theatre Company for enlightening us in the end, and thanks also to everyone involved in the Willowstone Festival. Long may you reign.

Filmed at Delamont Country Park, Killyleagh, July 2010
Camera/Edit: Will McConnell
Camera/Sound: Sean Duncan

Will McConnell

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