Belfast's first indoor street art and music festival comes to the Ulster Hall. Click Play Audio for podcast interviews and tracks from Barry's Electric Workshop, Nakatomi Towers and Cutaways

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Festival fans will be glad to hear that last summer's Eurocultured Belfast event will now be held twice annually under the banner of Base, taking street art inside from the cold, under the roof of the Ulster Hall.

The main space in the revamped Ulster Hall will be transformed to accommodate a mini urban village with live painting, market stalls and music - featuring street artists from across Ireland, Britain and Europe.

The first of this year's events, Winter Base, will showcase some of the finest underground artists creating work around European cities today, including Microbo and Bo 130 (Milan), Mr Kern (Bordeaux), Elph (Edinburgh), Ruse and Guy McKinley (Manchester).

An eclectic mix of sounds by Belfast's best and emerging talent accompanies the painted backdrops, including Not Squares, Cutaways, Nakatomi Towers, The Swell Time, Barry's Electric Workshop and Pocket Billiards.

A special line-up for the Saturday evening features hotly tipped local music producer Space Dimension Controller, Choice Music prize winners Super Extra Bonus Party, and London electronic act, We Have Band.

Electronic producer Barry Cullen, aka BEW, is performing brand new material at Base on home-made instruments triggered by new hardware technology.

'I'm really excited to use the instruments in front of an audience to see how it goes down - Base will be another chance for me to experiment in public. I think it's really interesting when the lines [blur] between public and private space, where these things are produced and consumed - the idea that the audience is invited or is just there - they're all very interesting things to play with.'

Julianne Shawe of electro duo Nakatomi Towers, agrees that Base is a great opportunity to try new things and hopes the boy/girl electro DJs-cum-band find new fans at the event.

'We're trying to perfect our stage performance at the moment, so that people want to come to our gigs to see the lights and sounds with a really entertaining show. It'll be our first time playing at a gig with art and music combined, I think that's pretty cool - they do go hand in hand. It'll be interesting to see how the crowd take to us.'

Winter Base is a free event at the Ulster Hall from 2pm on February 20 and 21. Check out the event on Facebook or

Eddie Mullan