Beloved Belfast Music School Under Threat of Closure

Francis McPeake School of Music may have to close after 30 years

The Francis McPeake School of Music started in Ireland during troubled times and has become an icon in the music world. Since being founded in 1977 and becoming a publicly funded school, the school has helped some 10,000 pupils become musicians in their own right. 

Now in their 30th year public funding has been withdrawn. As with many other arts organisations who are suffering from government cutbacks, the school may have no option but to close.

However, the Francis McPeake School of Music, intent on continuing its work, has come up with an ingenious idea to raise funds - they are creating a mosaic out of tiles that can be purchased by music lovers, companies and individuals. The mosaic, which will be made up of logos, will eventually comprise 3,000 tiles and will be arranged by award winning, London-based designer Jack Tilson. 

Once completed it will feature on their new CD cover, and ultimately a physical representation of the completed mosaic will have a civic unveiling in a public venue. All details can be found on their official website

Collaborators of Francis McPeake include Sinead O’Connor, Bob Dylan, Bono, U2, & Van Morrison. 'John (Lennon) was probably my best student, not because he was John... but because he had a great understanding of the pipes and the music and what was needed to be done before he even started the lessons,' says Francis McPeake III.

Anyone supporting the school by purchasing a tile will have their own company / personal logo on the Francis McPeake web page (which receives 40,000 hits from the USA, 31,000 from the UK and 29,000 from the rest of the world) a direct link to their own website, or if no website a pop-up business card. This cross referencing of website links will also act as a natural forum for all purchasers to cross pollinate.

It is hoped that the proceeds from the mosaic tile sale will keep the famous music school going. They also hope to reduce the cost of a one hour lesson from £5 per hour to £3 and to continue to offer 100s of other sponsored opportunities for budding musicians to fulfil their dreams.

If you require any further information contact Kirsty Mills  on +44 (0) 2890 998964 or email