Brian Kennedy at the Grand Opera House

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'Performing live is what it’s all about.'

Brian Kennedy's own words and philosophy. For more than 15 years Kennedy has enthralled audiences at concerts on every continent.

Armed with two basic but powerful assets - a unique vocal talent and natural ability to communicate - Kennedy has travelled from the troubles of Belfast to the tough streets of London and taken on a five-year Blues & Soul World Tour with Van Morrison.

Since his 1990 debut album The Great War Of Words Kennedy's career has been an almost continous upward tradjectory. Over the last two decades he has toured regularly with that other Northern Irish great Van Morrison and performed with world famous artists of the calibre of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles.
In 2000, Kennedy performed as lead singer in the prestigious Bill Whelan production of Riverdance on Broadway, followed by appearances for President Bill Clinton in New York, George Best’s Stormont State funeral in 2005 and as Ireland's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

Kennedy has also written two best-selling novels, The Arrival of Fergal Flynn and Roman Song. These excursions into fiction have earned himself a Doctor of Letters honorary degree from the University of Ulster. 

Add his literary career to his successful TV series as producer/presenter, several radio shows as host, appearances in films, and nine mostly self-penned albums and the scale of Kennedy's contribution to the arts becomes clear.