DhARMA Free Download

Belfast-based digital record label release free EP by Russian hip-hop producer Feyorz

Summer is here, and the time is right, for free downloads from Belfast-based digital record label, DhARMA. Founded by Northern Irish DJ and producer David 'Dibby' Dougherty, and his partner Ciara Wilson, the DhARMA label features international acts working in various genres, with a focus on electronic music.

DhARMA have just released DhARMAOFF for free, featuring five new tracks by Russian producer lya Bodrov, aka Feyorz. The release is part of their summer 2013 output, which has also featured a new release by French artist, Adrien de Valentin.

'With an intimate love of jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop, Feyroz's productions have retained a vintage 1970s Bronx feel that is 100% organic and melodic,' said Dougherty. 'We're chuffed to release five new tracks for free, and hope to bring lovers of good music more in the near future. So keep your tentacles to the ground and boom boxes at the ready, as there are more hip-hop vibes coming soon from Feyorz on DhARMA.'

Listen below and download via the DhARMA Soundcloud page.