EP Premiere: Far Out

Rising Derry rockers Scenery break down their debut offering track-by-track - listen to it now in full

Photo by Michael McWilliams

Rock and soul five-piece Scenery have wasted no time since forming in Derry~Londonderry just over a year ago. Having already warmed up audiences for neighbouring heavyweights PORTS and Making Monsters, the band are fresh off their first string of gigs across the channel, a tour which included the London venue where Bob Dylan made his inaugural UK appearance and Oasis first performed in the city.

Band members Stephen Whiteman (vocals), Ruairi Coyle (drums), David McConnell (guitar), Peter Howard (saxophone) and Chris Doherty (bass) recently recorded their debut EP Far Out live at Smalltown America Studios and had it mastered by Pete Maher, whose CV boasts work with U2, The Rolling Stones, Noel Gallagher and Jack White.

Lead singer Stephen talked us through all four tracks.


Stephen Whiteman: I was messing around with the chord progression and really took a liking to it because of how sparse it felt. I had a few lyrics written in advance of coming up with the music. I started to sing them over the guitar part and it started to click together. After this, I came up with the 'I was howling' vocal hook and thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if I imitated a wolf howl at the vocal climax" and kind of based the rest of the structure around that.

I showed it to the boys in practice the next day and they all jumped on it really fast layering the sound. I think Pete was first adding his own howl on the sax and it instantly clicked and rocked the place. Lyrically, it's a bit of a comparison between the howl of a wolf and a girl 'giving off' to you on a night out and one thing or another...

Sha (I Don't Care)
I remember sitting in the guest room of my house with my guitar looking out the window. The weather was horrible and I was feeling a little depressed and self destructive at the time. I'd been out the night before and had a hungover head on me. I'd found myself in an attitude of 'I know I shouldn't feel this way but who cares?'. The lyrics essentially spawned from that mindset. I had the main chords and the start of the riff. As soon as I'd finished up the lyrics, I took it to the lab and the boys cooked up the rest. It's a really fun song to play live and we've all definitely noticed people starting to learn the words and sing along.

On My Way
Lyrically, 'On My Way' is about doing your own thing in life. Being a musician, I'm told a lot that what I do isn't a 'profession' and that I need to get a 'real job'. I experienced that kind of negativity during my formative years as a musician. I'd spend endless hours alone trying to improve vocally to be told that I should take a different direction. That was pretty disheartening but since we formed Scenery, I've noticed a shift in people's perception and they take me a little more serious now. I also stopped caring what people think. I've got my own vision of where this is going. I think I'll be on my way with that.

Something About This One
This was the very first original song that we'd ever played together. At the time I wrote it, I was going with a girl and was really infatuated with her. The title of the track kept popping into my head so it naturally made it's way through to my music. I remember consciously deciding that I wanted it to be very simplistic in the lyrics because it was a very simple message I was trying to put across to her. Sometimes people have a tendency to overcomplicate things but I prefer to be very straight with what I'm saying. I'll keep the obscurity for a few years yet when you all start to drive me crazy invading my personal affairs.

Far Out is now available on Spotify, iTunes and select digital retailers. Scenery will launch the EP at Sandinos Bar, Derry on Friday September 23. Stay up to date with band on Facebook and Twitter.