Girls Aloud

Pop star Nadine Coyle reveals all to CNI

She has the looks, glamorous lifestyle and No 1 hits – but Derry girl Nadine Coyle insists life as a pop princess is far from a pleasure cruise.

Since landing a place in Girls Aloud three years ago she's enjoyed fame and success beyond her wildest dreams.

She travels everywhere in a limousine, enjoys a first class jet-set lifestyle and the adulation of thousands of fans.

But away from the showbiz spotlight Nadine says she couldn't be any less glamorous if she tried.

‘We have enough money to pay the rent and then a little left for the odd night out but that's about it,’ she explains as she takes a sip of water in her London hotel suite.

‘When we first got into the pop business we thought we would be rolling in money and living the high life – who wouldn't?

‘We get paid a good monthly wage but there's people in good jobs who get just as much money as us.

‘We haven't done a big tour yet and that's when the money starts coming in. Most people think we are driving around in limousines and drinking champagne all day but the bottom line is that if you were in this business because you like the money then you'd be very disappointed.

‘We are working around the clock and we've had two weeks holiday in the last year so we've had to work really hard for any money we have made.’

Being the only member of the group from Ireland has made Nadine's life difficult at times.

‘I found it really hard to be away from home at the start and I used to ring up my mum in tears,’ she revealed.

‘I would spend hours on the phone to her and she would tell me to stick with it and eventually I would get used to it.

‘The first couple of months were really tough and it took a lot of getting used to. I missed Ireland and my family so much.

‘But now I feel a lot better and having my own apartment has really helped me to settle down.’

Rarely a week passes without their photographs being on the covers of glossy celebrity magazines yet Nadine and her bandmates Sarah Harding, Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Stewart and Nicola Roberts admit they're far from the confident sex sirens they portray.

Nadine continued: ‘We are just like all normal girls – we get hang-ups about the way we look and sometimes one of us won't even want to go on stage. We're not full of ourselves and we're always having to boost each other's confidence. We all have our days when we are insecure about the way we look but we try and encourage each other.

‘One day I'll hate the way I look and be moaning about it, the next one of the other girls will be really down and not feeling their best.

‘That's part of being a girl. I have woken up some mornings feeling ugly and I have to go on something like Top of the Pops, It's not easy.

‘I've said before my weight goes up and down but you really feel the pressure of things like that when you are in the public eye.

‘Suddenly you know that everyone has their eyes on you and you have to look at photos of yourself all over the press.

‘We are really lucky to be in the position we are but when people say we love ourselves it couldn't be further from the truth.’

But Nadine can't deny that, in the true spirit of the pop world, she is bombarded with offers from male admirers.

‘The funny thing is that I never got that much attention from boys and the other girls say they weren't bombarded with offers either.

‘Obviously now we get loads of guys paying us attention but none of us take it that seriously.

‘The other day I had a guy come up to me and he actually asked me to marry him. He had only met me two minutes earlier but I guess that's one of the mad things about being famous.

‘We like the attention and at the end of the day if we weren't getting that kind of reaction from people then we wouldn't be doing very well in the pop world.

‘Between us we probably get about 300 fan mail letters a day and at least 50 per cent of them are from guys.

‘I even had this man about 50 who wrote to me saying he thought we are the best band ever and it's nice to know we have appealed to so many age groups.’

Nadine has big ambitions for the future: ‘We want to be around in five years selling out arenas and having big selling albums.

‘We're prepared to put in the work so nothing can stop us as long as we want it badly enough.

‘Our plan at this stage is to play all the major arenas around the UK and Ireland.

‘That's one of the few ambitions we still haven't fulfilled. We're really desperate to get out there and do some live gigs and show the fans what we're made of.’

But the stars are also planning a well overdue break. She added: ‘We're all going to get away from each other and have our own space for a couple of weeks. After that we'll be refreshed and ready to launch a new assault on the pop world.

‘We have silly arguments about petty things but we're best mates and are as close as a family.’