MADE Festival for Young People at The MAC

Caitlin Kearns and Annie Campbell of the Den Collective on programming this year's festival: 'We are the future of the arts'

What is the MADE festival?

Caitlin: MADE is an awesome festival for young people made by a team of 16-19 year olds that covers loads of different art forms at The MAC. And every event is £4 or less. What a bargain!

Are you happy with the events scheduled to take place?

Caitlin: I am so chuffed with our programme of events this year, including the Talking Tatts exhibition, Comedy Cabaret, Self Made Film Night, Depp vs Dicaprio and more. It's great to know I've been a part of programming such a great range of events.

What is it like working and playing in The MAC?

Rose: The MAC is a great place to work. The staff are amazing and friendly, whilst the building itself inspires you. It is also in an ideal location, being so close to everything.

Why is a festival like MADE necessary?

Caitlin: MADE is important as it gives young people a real voice in the arts. We are the future of the arts in Northern Ireland and this is the stuff we want to see. Take note older people!

What are your particular highlights this year?

Rose: Any of the live music events. They are a great chance for local bands to be heard and gain more recognition.

Why are the arts important to young people in Northern Ireland?

Caitlin:  The arts are vital in Northern Ireland, especially for young people. The arts are able to instil passion and drive in young people that no other field can. I've seen so many young people, actors, artists and musicians' lives changed by the arts. We need to keep them aware of what's out there. There is so much potential just waiting to be unleashed.

Can you envisage a world without the arts?

Rose: Yes, but it would terrible. The arts sector makes up a huge part of Belfast's culture and history, and the arts bring everyone – young and old, no matter their background – together

What would you say to anyone undecided about attending MADE?

Caitlin: MADE is your festival. Come along and get involved!

MADE takes place in The MAC, Belfast until October 12. Read a Q&A with Talking Tatts curators, photographer Carrie Davenport and musician and arts facilitator Paul Kane.