Martin Quinn

One of Ireland's finest accordion players

Martin Quinn comes from a family of musicians and raconteurs of traditional stories with its roots in Co Armagh.

At an early age Quinn developed a keen interest in traditional music and took up the button accordion in 1981.

Since then he has developed a highly refined unique style and is regarded as one of Ireland's finest exponents of the accordion.

He has toured to Europe and the USA with various bands including Lá Lugh and other musicians including his wife, the Manchester-born banjo player, Angela Carberry.

With his own six-member traditional band, Dorsa, he has played alongside such bands as The Chieftains and Kila at festivals in France, Finland, Britain and Germany. An extensive three-week tour of the US in March 2002 was followed by five concerts in Ulster and a headlining appearance at the celebrated Gosport Folk Festival in England.

Quinn is currently working with Dorsa on the band’s second album. As well as featuring on TV and radio both nationally and internationally, Quinn has also contributed to Paul Bradley’s successful solo album The Atlantic Roar while, more recently, his playing can be heard on composer Josephine Keegan’s double CD, Lifeswork.

When not playing, the respected box player is in keen demand as an accordion tuner and repairer and also as a button accordion teacher.