New Opera Pitches for Singing Parts

University of Ulster, Magee invites you to audition for a part in Ulysses - a Musical Odyssey

Northern Irish singers of all ages, who are able to read music, are being presented with a unique opportunity to audition for a part in an exciting new opera.

The University of Ulster, Magee is staging Ulysses - a Musical Odyssey in Derry and Donegal in July 2009, before the production travels to London for performances in St John’s Church, Waterloo. 

The opera, written by University of Ulster lecturer Laurence Roman, has already won the Vivian Alice Prize for Best New Musical. It will use the combined talents of students from the Magee campus, St Cecilia’s College, Derry and St Columba’s, Glenties in County Donegal, as well as members of the local community.
Open auditions will be held at 6pm on Wednesday, September 24 in the Foyle Arts Building at Magee campus and singers of all ages are being encouraged to attend. 

Ulysses - a Musical Odyssey
will be directed by Martin Harvey and conducted by Shaun Ryan, a Teaching Fellow at UIster’s School of Creative Arts, who has gained plaudits in recent years for his work with the University of Ulster Choir. 

'This is new musical take on the wanderings of Ulysses, one of the great mythical figures of ancient Greece,' explains writer Roman. 'We hope that members of the local community will be involved in this exciting project.
'This open audition is the first step for any interested members of the public to make themselves known to us and to share their vocal talents with our artistic team. Everyone is welcome to audition and the only condition is that participants in the project must be able to read music. 

'The auditions will be relaxed and informal. Singers should come prepared to perform one song of their own choice, and should try to select a song that reflects what they have to offer as a performer.'

For further information contact Laurence Roman on 028 7137 5136 or Shaun Ryan on 028 7137 5271.