NI Chart Got It Covered

NI music website gets set to release compilation

Independent music champions have announced plans to release their first compilation album, NIchart presents: We’ve Got It Covered. The project, which involves new talent such as Axis Of, Skip Moses and Skp, has nine acts in total recording cover versions of their favourite Northern Irish artists.

Tracklisting for the compilation has been confirmed:

1. Mojo Fury - Alloy Mental (Alloy Mental)
2. Cara Cowan - It Bends In The Middle (Dutch Schultz)
3. More Than Conquerors - Children (Panama Kings)
4. Paul Pilot - Burial Ground (Henry McCullough)
5. Axis Of - Tupenny Nudger (LaFaro)
6. Skip Moses - Moonlight Kiss (Bap Kennedy)
7. Alice Kona Band - Pretty Face (Ed Zealous)
8. Katie & the Carnival - Hats on Sticks (The Good Fight)
9. Skp - Annexed (Escape Fails)

NI Chart says the project has exceeded all their expectations:

'The bands have outdone themselves both in terms of their choices and the finished versions of the songs chosen. Nowhere else will you hear Mojo Fury take on Alloy Mental, Skip Moses sing Bap Kennedy or Cara Cowan tackle Dutch Schultz.

'Whether you’re an NI music fan or new to the scene we really do hope you enjoy this compilation. We know we've enjoyed creating it and working with all those involved.'

The CD album of NIchart presents: We’ve Got It Covered is priced £8 (+ p&p) and available to pre-order on The album will be on sale at festivals and gigs in Northern Ireland over the summer.