Oh Yeah Contenders

New CD launch of Northern Ireland's rising stars

The Contenders is a new CD of 12 upcoming acts from Northern Ireland, chosen by a panel of over 30 local music writers, radio presenters, DJs and music industry specialists. Each track will be exclusively recorded for the album, making it a unique document of our vibrant music scene. The launch date is September 16.

The chosen acts are:

The Wonder Villains, A Plastic Rose (pictured), More Than Conquerors, Axis Of, Silhouette, The Farriers, Here Comes The Landed Gentry, Ram’s Pocket Radio, Clown Parlour, Pretty Child Backfire, Bellwether State, and Colly Strings.

Nine of these acts were chosen in the first round of voting. Three others (Pretty Child Backfire, Bellwether State, Colly Strings) gained admission though the ‘Wild Card’ process, aimed at encouraging talented acts with little or no profile.

Charlotte Dryden, Oh Yeah’s Creative Development officer says:

'With the Contenders CD, we hoped to provide a snapshot of the acts who are currently on the rise in Northern Ireland. And although the selection process was made difficult by the volume of bands nominated, and the entries received for the Wild Card, we believe the new CD to be as fresh and exciting as we hoped it would.'

The Contenders project was made possible by the financial assistance of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, commented:

'For many of the featured bands, recording the Contenders will have been their first chance to play and record in a professional music studio. We hope this will give them that all important first step towards wider recognition and establishing their professional careers in the music business.

'The success of local bands like Snow Patrol and Ash have inspired a new generation of musicians and proved that if you have the talent and the right support in place, it’s possible to secure a spot on the world stage.'

The Contenders release follows on from a 2008 release, The Oh Yeah Sessions, which showcased acts such as General Fiasco, And So I Watch You From Afar, Cashier No. 9, LaFaro, Panama Kings, Kowalski, In Case Of Fire, Mojo Fury and The Jane Bradfords. Many of those acts have distinguished themselves in the past two years and the hope is that The Contenders will follow suit.

The CD launch will be followed by a ‘Contenders Tour’ sponsored by Translink, staging a series of live shows across Northern Ireland in October and November.

Oh Yeah Contenders CD launches 16 September, 8pm at Oh Yeah music centre, 15 - 21 Gordon Street, Belfast. Tickets for the event are £5.00.

For further details, visit www.ohyeahbelfast.com.