Oppenheimer Bomb University

Top pop duo to play the Lunchtime Concert at Jordanstown

Headphone Icon WATCH Oppenheimer's video for Breakfast In NYC. Oppenheimer also feature in the CultureNorthernIreland podcast.

The University of Ulster's Lunchtime Concert at Jordanstown will feature one of NI's most lauded bands, Oppenheimer.

The inimitable duo has recently completed a five-week tour in America and has performed across Europe.

Their debut album, featuring guest vocalist Tim Wheeler of Ash, has been hugely successful since its release in June last year.

Tim Kerr, Cultural Development Officer, said: 'The band is destined to restore the three-minute pop song to its most revered heights. A heady cocktail of the Beach Boys and Kraftwerk. This will be a real treat for those who make it along on Thursday.'