SlowPlaceLikeHome Features in Google Video

Electronic artist Keith Mannion, signed to Northern Irish label Quiet Arch, provides ambient music for video supporting Yes vote in Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum

Donegal artist Keith Mannion, aka SlowPlaceLikeHome, has spoken of his 'surprise' after Google, the world's pre-eminent search engine, used his music in a new video supporting a Yes vote in Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum.

Set to take place on May 22, 2015, the marriage equality referendum has already received the backing of noted Irish citizens including footballer Robbie Keane and comedian Brendan O'Carroll, otherwise known as Mrs Brown.

Google, which employs hundreds of Irish staff working at its Dublin office, released its campaign video in order to give those staff the opportunity to explain why they will be voting Yes.

The video features an excerpt from Mannion's track 'Bright as Night'. SlowPlaceLikeHome is signed to Northern Irish record label Quiet Arch.

'I was contacted by the production company who were making the video,' says Mannion, who hails from the North West. 'They specifically requested if I would lend the track 'Bright as Night' to the campaign. Google liked it and were very keen to use it.

'As an Irish artist, I was in support of the Yes vote myself. I was surprised that they wanted to use the track, though, as it is early SPLH material and not very well known at all, but I'm really glad to have lent my support.'

Visit the SlowPlaceLikeHome website for links to Mannion's Soundcloud account and related digital platforms. Watch the Google video above, and Mrs Brown's Yes video below.