Sound Track of an Ever-Changing City

Listen to the modern multi-cultural sound of Belfast created by the Motion Project

Listen to The Motion CD:
Golden Angels (2,540Kb)
Breaking Away (2,916Kb)
Who's To Say? (1,499Kb)

From within Belfast, we gathered 46 musicians representing 11 countries, and with the harmony of different cultures & religions - we made music.

The Motion CD is the result of a six month project using music to address social issues in Northern Ireland such as racism and sectarianism by showing how our individuality can produce something far more attractive and unique when we work together.

The Motion Project during the period of July to December 2005 brought together unsigned musicians living in and around Belfast to record original material in two professional studios.

46 musicians representing 11 countries from various communities, religious and ethnic backgrounds took part in the project.

Motion was organic, recorded in such a way as to encapsulate the moment of inspiration, with each individual adding a piece of music onto previously unheard original material.

As each musician added their instrument/voice, the music evolved due to the layers being added with the result represented on CD. Very little post-production was used going against the grain of modern chart music techniques, which usually airbrush the character from the sound.

Because Motion was a melting pot of music of different genres and cultures it wasn't restrained and the artists involved were free to express their creativity. From the start no one had any idea how the final product would sound.

Belfast has produced great music over the past decade through bands and solo artists, but what is the real soundtrack to highlight the story of this changing city? Motion was a simple idea that sought to find the music of the people and to encapsulate it for all to hear.

For more information visit the Motion Project website.

The Motion project was co-ordinated by Beyond Skin, a Belfast organisation using the universal language of music and art to address sectarian and racial issues in Northern Ireland.

The Motion project continues through two exciting schemes.

The Motion Project live
Since the release of the CD the Motion project has performed at various council events, the BBC, local radio and other festivals, all of which have received positive feedback.

The Motion Project live is a flexible ensemble of musicians representing many countries. Each set-up is tailored to each specific event and can include a selection of tracks from the Motion CD, solo and improvisation performances.

An average ensemble set-up would include 12 musicians representing many cultures playing instruments from around the world. A set-up for smaller events can involve two-piece combinations. Again we can tailor the style of music to cater for any audience.

The Motion Project Workshops
The Motion Project has partnered with Ossia music to provide workshops involving percussion, gamelan or guitar.

The percussion workshops can contain elements of African, Indian, Irish and other world music cultures tutored by musicians representing these countries. These workshops can also be integrated into the 'Motion Project' live set-up allowing students to play with the band. As you can imagine the workshops are very popular with children & young people.

Countries represented in the Motion Project are: Poland, China, South Africa, Scotland, Venezuela, India, England, New Zealand, Slovakia, Zimbabwe and of course Northern Ireland.