Traditional Music Quiz

Test your knowledge of Irish traditional music

1 - The group Altan is named after what?

2 - What does bodhrán mean in Irish?

3 - In Uilleann pipes, what does Uilleann mean in Irish?

4 - The mother of Tommy Makem from Keady, South Armagh was a renowned singer in her own right. What was her name?

5 - Name the singer from Derrytresk, Co Tyrone who was famed for his version of 'Old Arboe'?

6 - Triona Ni Domhnaill from The Bothy Band was the driving force on what distinctive sounding instrument?

7 - The Bothy Band had nine different members during its life cycle. Can you name them?

8 - Can you name the Bothy Band’s five albums?

9 - Which early Christy Moore album, brought together a group of musicians who went on to form Planxty?

10 - By mid-1975 Planxty had seen six members pass through the group's ranks. Name them.

11 - Fred E Wheatherley first penned in 1912 which famous song internationally associated with the North?

12 - Who wrote ‘Raglan Road’?

13 - In 1903 which Chief Superintendent of Police in Chicago published Music of Ireland?

14 - Which Uilleann Piper was employed by the Irish Folklore Commission in 1942 to travel the country collecting tunes and songs?

15 - Who wrote the sound track for the 1959 film Mise Éire?

16 - In the singing tradition what does the term 'macaronic' mean?