Auditions, Zoe's Auditions Gets The Part

The uplifting comedy is back by popular demand after taking America by storm with shows in Strabane and Newtownabbey

Described in the US as Ireland’s answer to Lucille Ball, writer, actor and comedian Suzanna Geraghty is coming to play the Alley Theatre in Strabane and The Courtyard Theatre in Newtownabbey with her award winning solo comedy Auditions Zoe's Auditions after huge success in the US.

In America this uplifting comedy sold out, received standing ovations, and was chosen as the Audience Favorite out of 77 solo shows from 11 countries at the world’s largest solo theatre festival. The festival is called the United Solo and is held in Theatre Row on 42nd Street in New York.

In 2015, Auditions Zoe’s Auditions has been invited back to New York to feature in the Encore Group of Outstanding Award Winners at the United Solo. Before going back to the New York stage Suzanna returns to Northern Ireland following a sell out at the Market Place Theatre, Armagh and a standing ovation at the Playhouse in Derry~Londonderry.

Thrilled to be back, Suzanna said: 'I love Northern Ireland. The people are friendly, goodhearted and have a cracking great sense of humour. The show is an amazing tour de force with Suzanna as Zoe memorably performing the plot of Wuthering Heights in a breakneck two minutes of whirlwind comedy.

Auditions Zoe’s Auditions features a lovable underdog Zoe, a backstage worker who dreams of landing an acting job. Her over-the-hill agent, sends her on a spree of inappropriate auditions ranging from “Riverdance” to “Spiderman” to being shot out of cannon for a touring circus. As she gets further and further from her dream job, Zoe might just be getting closer to herself and to the roots of happiness… It’s a heart-warming, comically uplifting tale of self-realization.

The core message of the piece is, the importance of being true to oneself. 'Be yourself, everyone else is taken,' to quote Oscar Wilde and the Ghost of Zoe’s Past. The show is also suitable to children 9 years and up.

Suzanna was herself the archetypal struggling actor in New York, working as a waitress and bartender in between acting jobs. Her dream was to write a comedy of her own but being dyslexia she believed it impossible for her to do so. Then one day a book fell down from a shelf and hit her in the nose- a book that was to change the course of her life and make possible her dream.

Suzanna recounts what happened, 'I was leaning a little too heavily on a bookshelf in a New York Library. A hardcover book fell down and hit me on the nose. It was so sore; I went to kick the book but missed and instead kicked the bookshelf and broke my little toe!! While rolling around the library floor in agony, muttering curses at the book, I finally opened it and began to cry. I was crying not because of the pain but because the book gave me hope.'

The book, The Moving Body by Jacques Lecoq, described his improvisational methods for actors to create theatre, taught at his school in Paris. 'With new found hope, a sore nose and a broken little toe, I hobbled home, sold the refrigerator and bought a ticket for Paris!'

Suzanna attended the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris Master-Class Series for professionals. It was here where she started developing her inner clown called Zoe. Auditions Zoe’s Auditions, inspired by the Lecoq teachings and her love of Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin and Beckett, combines elements of farce, pathos, physical comedy and breaks the fourth wall.

The show will be captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing for the first time at the Alley Theatre performance on April 24. Suzanna said 'I am very grateful to NITA (the Northern Ireland Theatre Association) and to the Alley Theatre for providing captioning facilities. Both my Father and cousin Katherine are deaf. It means a lot to me to include the deaf and hard of hearing community.'

Auditions Zoe's Auditions is staged at the Alley Theatre, Strabane on April 24 and the Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey on April 25. For more information on the performances and ticket bookings visit