Carnivals, Festivals and Circus in Belfast

Will Chamberlain champions Belfast as Ireland's leading city for circus

This article appears as part of the Creative Belfast Showcase which took place at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, during February 2006.

As someone from the circus community, it is a great time to be in the business. Belfast is recognised as the centre of excellence for circus in Ireland and people from Cork to Carrickfergus look to us to provide the lead and to provide the artists for their events.

Over the last few years we have seen Belfast come alive with arts and events coming to the people - the Lantern Parade in East Belfast, the Mela in Botanic Gardens, The Festival of Fools in Belfast City Centre, performances in Custom House Square and Writers Square to name but a few.

And people have come to these events in their thousands and tens of thousands. After years of famine, we have the feast. People in Belfast are at last getting the chance to see some of the finest international artists from circus, carnival and street arts performing in a whole array of celebratory events.

We often hear about the ‘Peace Dividend’, but now we are getting the chance to see it too. Long may it last!

Will Chamberlain
Belfast Community Circus School