Egg Breaks America

Actor Hugh Brown reports back following Cahoots NI's four-month tour of Stateside stages with its award-winning children's theatre production

So, after ninety six shows our four month tour of the States has come to an end.

Last week our company went to see a Symphony Orchestra made up of world class musicians from all over the planet with pianist, Benedetto Lupo, leading the way. The outstanding programme, which included 'Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor' by Sergei Rachmaninov, almost perfectly reflects what this experience touring America has been like. At times dramatic, inspiring, surprising, ridiculous, overwhelming, beautiful, breathtaking, mental, joyous and never ever boring. It’s been quite the journey!

Cahoots NI New York

Leaving New York City

A typical example of the experience would be our appearances at the EQT Children's Theatre Festival in Pittsburg. Upon arrival at our quality accommodation we were presented with a welcome pack which this time included an umbrella! It seemed the Pittsburg weather is as unpredictable as what we are used to back home in Belfast.

Performing as part of a festival is always a treat as you get to meet with and view the work of other world class companies. On this occasion it was a treat to work alongside Acrobuffo's, Teatro Hugo and Ines, Red Bridge Arts and Corpus, whose show The Sheep caused quite a fuss on opening night. Look out for Air Play by Acrobuffos, who will bring their visual delight of a show to Europe in 2018 and the wonderfully absurd physical puppetry of Teatro Hugo and Ines can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

So how to pass the time between shows in Pittsburg? Well, this is a city that has reinvented itself through its arts, technology and sports after the decline of its once famous steelworks industry. The Steelers impressive Heinz stadium is testimony to that history and sits proudly on the Ohio river which with it's two sister rivers, The Monogahela and The Alleghena, have more bridges crossing them than in the city of Venice.

If you take a wander along the Andy Warhol bridge you'll find a museum lovingly created to celebrate the amazing career of a true Pittsburg eccentric. When those inevitable pangs of hunger and thirst come calling you are spoilt for choice in this city filled with affordable delicious food and drinks from every corner of the globe. Pittsburg is a delight of a city, it's working class roots making it a welcoming and hospitable place to visit. Recommended!

Cahoots NI in Cali

Venice Beach, California

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