Limavady Team Launch TV Series Crowdfunder

The project seeks support to help bring a new contemporary period drama set in 1940s Donegal from the script to the screen

A pair of drama and production professionals from Co. Derry~Londonderry have set in motion a Crowdfunder campaign to develop a new television series.

London-based graduates Laura Douglas and Connor Richmond, both originally from Limavady, form the core of a team hoping to produce Our Fields of Home, a period drama set in 1940s Donegal originally intended for the stage.

The campaign will help cover the production's developmental costs, including location, casting and costumes. It will also allow the team to create the materials necessary to pitch the show to potential industry investors across the UK and Ireland.

'Initially it was a play,' says Douglas, who trained at Andrew Lloyd Webber's ArtsEd Schools, London and conceived the series. 'It followed the story of three sisters who ended up moving to America in search of a better life.'

Disaster struck however when the actress/writer's house was broken into and her laptop - containing the script - stolen. She returned to the drawing board and from there her concept evolved into something most theatres might struggle to contain.


Writer/creator Laura Douglas and production assistant Donncha Kearney

'I couldn’t rewrite what I had. After a week of mourning, I suddenly realised the story was already bigger in my head, and so it became a TV drama. At that point, I had no idea how to make it happen, but I couldn’t stop writing

'Where there was once eight characters, there was now twenty, then thirty.'

So far Douglas and Richmond, serving as the project's Production Manager, have already enlisted support from some top industry talent. In addition to David Dunlop, who is serving as a historical consultant, Encore Performing Arts Academy founder Rebecca Thompson has lent her expertise to the venture, while production assistance comes from Donncha Kearney, who also trained at ArtsEd. 'I am really blessed to have some great people on board,' says Douglas.

'Recently the project has generated interest from broadcasters and production companies, and the team are in the process of developing treatments to pitch to external producers,' adds Richmond. 'However we now need support from our friends and families from back home. Laura has created the most beautiful story, and it is set at home in a time that has never really been looked at before.

'This is a Northern Irish TV drama, and that too has never been done before. Therefore, we are taking our dream, to the fields of home, whilst marking new territory and we need your help'.

To pledge a donation towards the project, and see some of the rewards for doing so, visit For more information contact