My Cultural Life: Mammy Magee (aka Dan Gordon)

The pantomime dame (aka actor and director Dan Gordon) on lip gloss, Bambi and Stormont Live

Why should parents want to bring their kids to the Waterfront panto this year?

It's much cheaper than childcare and the dancers are gorgeous for the dads.

You're reaching dizzying heights with this latest production of Jack and the Beanstalk. How does it compare with roles in previous pantos?

Last time I was the giant and I got altitude sickness on the stilts - now I'm the dame I'm much more comfortable in court shoes and a big bra.

If you could liken yourself to another female siren, who would it be?

Gina Lollobrigida. Google her, you'll see why.

Where do you buy your lip gloss?


It's behind you. Discuss.

Get away from there, ya dirty brute!

Given the current economic climate, do you think that Jack's initiative in buying magic beans should be congratulated rather than questioned?

Jack needs to watch himself buying unwashed vegetables from random bean sellers in the street.

If you could have three cultural figures from any era round for dinner, who would they be and why?

Skippy, Big Bird and Bambi. I love, barbecues, curry and venison.

Which current television show do you think could be adapted to suit the panto format?

Stormont Live - it just needs better costumes.

You've just fallen into the arms of Prince Charming. Which three words do you manage to say before swooning into a dream?

I'm a man!

Jack and the Beanstalk runs in the Waterfront Hall until January 8.