NI Opera Commission Five New Works for London 2012 Festival

Five composers, five playwrights, five snapshots of lives on the edge. Watch video of rehearsals and book your tickets

NI Opera’s gripping new production – NI Opera Shorts – opens at the MAC in Belfast on June 28. Comprising five brand new short operas by five of Northern Ireland’s best contemporary composers, and five of the UK and Ireland’s leading playwrights, NI Opera Shorts will be a unique experience in Northern Irish theatre.

The five new operas are 'Our Day', by Conor Mitchell and Mark Ravenhill; 'The Girl Who Knew She Could Fly' by Christopher Norby and Frank McGuinness; 'Jackie’s Taxi' by Ed Bennett and Stacey Gregg; 'Driven' by Deirdre McKay and Richard Dormer; and 'May Contain Flash Photography' by Brian Irvine and Owen McCafferty.

They tell five very different stories. A wounded soldier lies dying in the arms of a stranger while the country toasts Mary Peters’ 1972 Olympic gold. Desperate parents try to come to terms with their daughter’s apparent suicide.

A small-time drug dealer gets more than she had bargained for when she turns to Facebook to complain about social injustices. An SAS veteran, torn apart by the nightmares he has lived through, races through the night towards his destiny. And a comically dysfunctional family gathers around the TV, united in the belief that only a lottery win can bring salvation.

Watch director Rachel O'Riordan discussing NI Opera Shorts at rehearsals in the video above. NI Opera Shorts is a London 2012 Festival event. It runs in the MAC from June 28 - 30. Book tickets via the MAC website.