somewhereto_NI Needs You

16-25 and have an idea? Get matched up with free space in towns and cities across Northern Ireland to explore your creative talents, passions and potential

somewhereto_ is a UK-wide social enterprise dedicated to sourcing free event and urban spaces to help 16-25-year-olds explore their talents, passions and potential.

A Big Lottery-funded project with regional teams operating across the UK, somewhereto_ has matched thousands of young people with a range of spaces, from basketball courts to disused shop units, which have been donated for use by bright, creative individuals.

somewhereto_ events have included gigs, exhibitions, film screenings, talks, workshops and more, all for free, all for young people with great ideas and the detemination to see them through.

Now somewhereto_NI is calling for 16-25-year-olds hoping to perform, create or work in towns and cities across Northern Ireland to get in touch and help them match you with the perfect place.

This includes everything from rehearsal space to locations for video shoots, office space to pop-up shops and everything in-between.

For more information, email, and to inquire about free space near you visit the somewhereto_ website.