What's The Big Idea?

Share Centre Arts Department celebrated at awards ceremony, June 28

The Paul Hamblyn Foundation, under its What’s The Big Idea funding scheme, sought to support outstanding arts projects in NI between 2006 to 2007. Share Arts Child’s Play programme was a successful recipient of the fund.

The aim of the PHF fund was to realise ideas which are considered too risky by other funding bodies. Child’s Play was one of 33 projects in NI which fitted the bill. It started in June 2006 and is running until August 2007. It was developed to provide theatre craft to young people ages 7-17 with and without disability.

Majella Flanagan, Share Arts Co-Ordinator and fund-raiser for Child’s Play explains. 'I saw through my work at Share Centre that there is a real interest in theatre and performance among young people. From conversations with them and their parents/carers, we devised Child’s Play to offer a training project locally.

'Such opportunities are few and far between in this rural area. We had hoped for 15 participants, but have a core of 26 young people training as actors, script writers, directors and crew members. The PHF fund allowed us to develop our idea and those of 32 other organisations and trusted us in carrying out the projects.'

Child’s Play won an Award for Innovation from the NI Youth Council June 2007. It is holding 2 performances this summer, July 27 where it will be joined by the Cavan Youth Drama Group and on August 24, part of Share’s closing Summer Scheme ceremony.

For more information contact Majella Flanagan on 6772 2122 or