Not Stopping Traffic – We Are Traffic

Critical Mass cyclists take to the streets of Belfast in fancy dress


Critical Mass is a global cycling movement that encourages cyclists to take to city streets once a month. A celebration of the alternatives to cars, pollution, accidents and the loss of public spaces and freedoms, Critical Mass allows people to reclaim cities with their bikes. All they have to do is get together so they outnumber the cars on the road. They call it 'organised co-incidence'.

The Belfast branch of Critical Mass has been active in Belfast since September 2009. Between 70 to 100 cyclists, from all ages and walks of life, congregate at the Albert Clock on the last Friday of every month. The ride itself takes about an hour as they wend their way - some wobbling, some confident and some in fancy dress - around Belfast. A mobile sound system accompanies them on their route and, against expectations, the organization reports that their quirky take on cycling has been embraced by the city. The initiative to encourage people to take to the streets on their bikes is also supported by cycling, cultural and environmental groups.

A 'spokes' person for Critical Mass said:

'Cyclists have the same rights to the roads as other road users. The Critical Mass bike rides round Belfast celebrate cycling, promote sustainable transport and are a healthy way to enjoy the city. I encourage everyone, young and old, to raise their heart rate, join in and have fun at our monthly cycles.'

Everyone is welcome. If fancy dress isn’t your thing, but cycling is, please join in, the more cyclists the merrier and everyone is welcome.

The Great Big End of May Critical Mass Belfast Fancy Dress Bike Ride takes place on May 28 2010 at 6.30pm. Arrangements are made on their facebook: Belfast Critical Mass. This month's cycle starts at the  Albert Clock Belfast and will take place rain, hail or shine!