Art in the Eastside Billboard Exhibition

View five images from the Creative Exchange collective's outdoor show for Belfast Festival at Queen's

Lesley Cherry – Camouflage

'Camouflage is part of an ongoing series of objects, films and installations dealing with individual’s hidden stories. In this manipulated image, I used several objects, from a child’s toy horse, vintage wallpaper, ribbons and maps, to create a glamorous, glitzy type of domestic dwelling for the objects. On closer inspection, the horse is tied down with nails, and toy soldiers are hidden in its mane. Often what we see is not what is portrayed – it is often hidden under a layer of camouflage.'


Christian Barré – Car Crash

'I explore our perception of the power of prefabricated images and ultimately, our ability to make the distinction between reality and advertising’s emptiness. Car Crash Memories results from a production based on his observation of damaged objects and faked images. The intention is to lampoon the media’s interpretation of social behavior by creating a poignant skit.'

Deirdre Robb – Green, Red, Blue – The Colour That Runs Through My Veins

'This sculptural work examines perceptions of cultural identity and is connected to conflict in Belfast as well as globally. The work stems from observations of citizen's preoccupations with national identity leading to racism, hate crimes and intolerance of other cultures. This work is deliberately aggressive and is used to represent the result of war and oppression.'


Gerry Gleason – The Green Scream

'In this case I have chosen green as if nature itself is screaming at our abuse of its eco system. This work is inspired by Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, bringing together Bacon and the nurse on the Odessa steps in photomontage, repeated in the tradition of Warhol. The figure is repeated like an echo.'


John Baucher – Boney Blocks

'The photographs of coloured blocks were taken at nine different bonfire sites before the Twelfth of July in 2014, and question the impact of the bonfires. I limited myself to take no more than three photographs of the individual blocks with the camera set at macro and square framing. The blocks are the corners from pallets now gone to ashes. Gone but not forgotten. 


Art in the Eastside is an outdoor billboard exhibition featuring 50 installations across east Belfast, and runs until November 3 as part of the 2014 Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen's.