Arts Council Reward 22 ACES Artists

A trainee teacher, a barrister and a barista are among the 22 recipients of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s ACES awards supporting emerging artistic talent

The Artists Career Enhancement Programme (ACES) was launched by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2010 to provide development opportunities for career artists. Since then, the programme has provided significant financial support to 79 artists at a critical stage in their professional careers, providing them with the means to develop their skills and portfolio of work.

Awards under the Artists Career Enhancement Scheme (ACES) are made annually to professional artists working in music, visual arts, literature and participatory arts, and are among the most prestigious awards bestowed by the Arts Council annually. In 2015 a trainee teacher, a barrister and a barista are among the 22 recipients of the funding awards.

In addition to receiving a bursary up to £5,000 each, many of the 22 artists have been partnered with a professional organisation to help each of them to deliver a major new creative work. The artists include eight visual artists, eight literary artists, three artists from drama and dance and three musicians. 

Partner and mentor organisations include the Golden Thread Gallery, VOID Gallery, Sonic Arts Research Centre, NURTUReart (USA), Replay Theatre, PMLD Theatre and Moving On Music.

'These 22 artists are already established and highly regarded in each of their fields,' says Roisin McDonough, ACNI chief executive. 'The awards are given in recognition of their work to date and to provide them with support to take their careers to that vital next level. The ACES programme has been running successfully now for five years and addresses the need for on-going training and skills development within the arts sector.'

Visit the ACNI website for a full list of this year's ACES recipients, and for information on forthcoming arts fundings opportunities.