Belfast Photo Festival Slideshows

Artistic director Michael Weir introduces two outstanding exhibitions at the Waterfront Hall and Ormeau Baths Gallery

The 2013 Belfast Photo Festival is a citywide celebration of photography and film which runs until June 30. This year the festival is built around the theme of 'spectacle'.

In a major coup for organisers, Tiawanese photographer and lecturer Shen Chao Liang exhibits for the first time in the UK at the Waterfront Hall. His Stages exhibition features colourful, high contrast images of 'truck theaters' – articulated lorries that fold out, in under four mintues, to create eye-catching, stylised stages and backgrounds on which variety acts perform.

These mobile theaters are common throughout Liang's native Taiwan, and travel from town to town, city to city, providing entertainment for people from all sections of society. Watch video highlights from the exhibition below, narrated by Belfast Photo Festival artistic director, Michael Weir.

Showing in the Ormeau Baths Gallery on Ormeau Avenue – which has been temporarily reopened specifically for the Belfast Photo Festival, following its closer in 2011 – is this year's Open Submission group exhibition.

The exhibition features work by 18 international artists, including two Northern Irish contributors, Patrick Rogan and Yvette Monahan. In the video below, Weir talks about this year's exhibition judges and what else is on show in the Ormeau Baths Gallery until June 30.

The Belfast Photo Festival runs until June 30. View the full festival programme.